Before your shoot:

Note: A normal shoot will last 1-1.5 hours in length depending on the type of shoot, the location, wardrobe changes and how many people will be in the photos. Once we have scheduled your date and location with me, you can just relax!

That is of course, as long as you have your attire picked out! I get so many questions about what to wear for the photo shoot that I wanted to give you some of my ‘Do’s and Don’ts’


  • Dress Comfortably (Not Frumpy! Comfy!) If you feel uncomfortable, you’re going to look uncomfortable. This especially goes for children!
  • Put your family in different colors. It’s okay not to match. As long as you don’t have one person that stands out from the rest of family, feel free to experiment with colors. I like to suggest one bright colored item for mom or children (scarf, shirt, shoes, headband, etc.) and then have the rest of the family work off of that item. If you’re stuck on what to wear, try that to get you started!
  • Bring outfit changes. If you’d like to change outfits mid-shoot just let me know beforehand so I can make sure to pick a spot that will give us some options for changing clothes. Seniors, I like to suggest 3 changes of clothing.


  • Wear solid white. Unless you’re blessed with bronzed skin, I would stay away from solid white clothing. Your face will be washed out in the photos which is not a good look on anyone.
  • Put plaid on both dad and baby. It can be distracting with too many patterns in a photo, especially opposing plaid patterns.
  • Wear large logos on your clothing. We are looking for timeless photos and unfortunately for most brands, they go out of style very quickly.

During your shoot:

This is supposed to be fun. And believe it or not, most people do end up having a fun! Yes, even the people who start the shoot out by saying, “I’m not photogenic.” I like to let kids be kids and snap photos as we go. Genuine smiles seem so much better than a “cheese.” So, I normally take a couple family shots, let the little ones run around for a bit and grab some individual shots, and then back for a couple more family shots. I will warn you that I tend to move quickly…I like to get in as many photos at different locations/poses as I can within the small window of time that we have good lighting. Please don’t hesitate to say, “Brittany, I’m 8 mos. pregnant. Can we tone it down a notch?” I love what I do so I get very excited when the creative juices are flowing.

Following your shoot:

Unless we have discussed a rush timeframe regarding your photos, normal turnaround time is two weeks from the day of the shoot. I take great care in the selection of the finished photos and edit and enhance each one. If a photo looks good in both black and white and color, both options will be provided.

I do not print any photos. I am different from most photographers in that way. I provide you with the digital negative via an online gallery and you can print the photos from there, or save them to your computer to upload to any photo printing location you’d like. In other words, I charge a one-time fee - Then the photos are yours. Print as many as you’d like for friends and family or you can use the digital version on Facebook or blogs.